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› Residential Building Services

Embarking on a building project can mean learning a whole new language. That's where we can help you unravel the mysteries of your building ideas, consents - as some basic undertakings don't require them. We cover all interior works - from your bathroom alterations to your family room additions, landscaping and the like.

› Waimak Insulation

Waimak Insulation can provide retrofit insulation. Other types of insulation materials and brands are available e.g. wool and polyester. We primarily use CSR Bradford for your ceiling and Technobond for your underfloor; further energy-savings measures such as heatpumps, woodburners, pellet-fires and gas heaters through our technical partners. Waimak Insulation is committed to making homes comfortable and healthy. For your home heating/cooling requirements we have partnered with Hartnell Coolheat, a long-standing Canterbury firm. A well-insulated and properly heated home can make a real difference - comfortable, healthier, cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

› Commercial Construction Services

We have carried out many projects consisting of large commercial alterations to public and private school buildings, public-service buildings, to public works for the greater Wellington public usage such as construction of new public toilets, upgrade to parks, pedestrian bridges to complex and security High Commissions' works.

› Maintenance and Repairs

Most homeowners are aware that they need to spend money maintaining their homes. Deferred maintenance can mean increases in costs as damage spreads sometimes quite rapidly. The most important repairs being maintenance to external walls, window and sub-flooring. Keep in mind maintenance includes fencing, paths, paving, gardening sheds, swimming-pool maintenance and well as building-related maintenance (painting, decorating, plumbing, electrical).

Exterior home improvements from your decking, retaining walls, pergolas and fences, exterior out-houses, i.e., sheds. Exterior farm pedestrian bridges, light-civil works.