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Waimak Insulation - A division of WGT

Ceiling & Underfloor Insulation

› Specialising in underfloor and ceiling insulation in the wider North Canterbury region; covering Christchurch suburbs; Rangiora suburbs/Hurunui suburbs/rural location

Our team can normally insulate the ceiling and underfloor of an average home in one day, whereas the average handy man would take approx. up to a week to install, and in most cases wished that they had never started. It is an extremely dangerous and demanding environment that our team work in. Safety precautions need to be taken very seriously as many challenges are found when working in confined spaces, health hazards, electrical wiring, plumbing etc. South Island has been placed under a Zone 3 R-value requirements and installation of such must comply with NZS 4246:2006 and your area local body authority regulations.

So do not wait - Ring to make a date - So we can insulate!

Waimak Insulation - Phone: 03 313-6175

› Waimak use IAONZ standards

When you have your home insulated, you need to make sure that the job is done properly. When you have your home insulated with Waimak Insulation you can be assured that our installers are trained to IAONZ standards.

› Did you know?

  • Over 12% of heat may escape through your floor.
  • Over 35% of heat may escape through your ceiling.

Imagine how much you could save on your power bills if you kept that heat inside your home! Those two combined alone is a heating loss of nearly 50%. Once installation is up-to-date with current requirements you could not only save that 50% loss but actually have to heat your home less in order to maintain it at the recommended indoor temperature of around 18-20oC.

› Heating and Cooling

Heating a house can be very expensive if you are losing most of the heat in your house. The longer you are required to heat your house up, the higher your expenses are.

Installing quality insulation will help solve this problem and save you money. A heatpump can give up to $3.50 worth of heating for every $1 of power. Combined with the right insulation - your cost of heating can go down.

› Environmental Savings

Waimak Insulation offers draught stopping product for your windows and doors.

Waimak Insulation offers LOW flow shower-heads which, help reduce hot water waste but dont lower the shower pressure, while still providing a great shower. By restricting the flow and forcing the water through very small apertures, these shower-heads aerate and increase the velocity of the water, creating a very fine but "wet feeling" spray pattern. These devices can save substantial amounts of both energy and water and also saving half the amount one would normally use.